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 Curious Forever Grants Application Guidelines

The Scott Education and Community Foundation makes Curious Forever grants for community members who volunteer their time to create activities and programs that encourage Scott County citizens to embrace lifelong intellectual curiosity that does not end with formal schooling. Our intent is to provide grants for innovative educational projects designed to inspire curiosity, which might not otherwise be possible due to the limits of traditional funding. Anyone in the community is eligible to submit a project application for any of the project categories listed below.

We will consider applications for projects that are:

Offered to participants free of charge
Designed to inspire curiosity or encourage a desire to learn that will last a lifetime
Educational, engaging, and actively involving groups of ten or more
For Scott County citizens and take place in Scott County
Completed within one year
Budgeted at no more than $1,000
A new project, not simply a request for a piece of needed equipment

Projects should address one of the following categories:
Health and Environment
Early Childhood, Adult and Continuing Education
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math
Family Literacy
Life Skills and Financial Management
Reading and Literature
Workplace and Workforce Skill Development
Arts, Culture and Creativity
Leadership and Character
International Studies and Languages
Civic Engagement
Vocational and Technical Education
Gifted and Talented
Drop Out Prevention
Special Needs
We will not fund requests for:
Salaries or honoraria
Operating costs and existing budget line items
Items associated with routine classroom curriculum
Membership fees or tuitions
Special events and dinners
General operating support
Fund raising campaigns

Guidelines Applications will be judged on the quality of the project and how well it meets the intent of Curious Forever, as well as relevance to the project categories, numbers served, and availability of matching funds. Grants are limited to $1,000 and are made in the form of two reimbursements: one following submission of a progress report mid way through the grant and one following the final report. Please save receipts from grant expenditures, because a copy of receipts and/or invoices documenting expenditures for items purchased for the grant must be submitted for reimbursement. A final grant report with photos (in electronic format) highlighting the project is to be submitted.
The Foundation Board may require that any significant durable goods items purchased for these grants (GPS units, telescopes, cameras, etc.) will be returned to the foundation for use with future grants or for the benefit of the community.
Applicants must keep in mind that these grants are for "community members who volunteer their time." Equipment is allowed, but only if it is integral to the project.
Grant applications will be reviewed and funded quarterly. Grants should be completed within one year.
Applications received by:          Will be funded by:
January 15                                March 1
April 15                                     June 1
July 15                                      September 1
October 15                                December 1